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Water Technology

Picture Water Technology

The water technology division at the Chair of Water chemistry and Water technology ( Engler-Bunte-Institut) deals principally with the investigation and application of innovative technologies for the treatment of water solution, including drinking and wastewater. Main focus of interest is the membrane separation: characterization of the fouling layers and the development of processes to minimize fouling (organic, biofouling, scaling) formation; the removal of persistent organic pollutants (POPs, e.g. pharmaceuticals, pesticides) from different waters (surface water, ground water, biological treated waste water) using nanofiltration and/or hybrid systems (combination of membrane process with adsorption or photocatalysis); and the treatment of swimming pool water. Furthermore the water technology division covers topics which deal with the oxidation of inorganic and organic water constituents as well as the disinfection of drinking and swimming pool water and the appearance of by-products.


Water Technology

Dr.-Ing. Florencia Saravia


Current Projects

Treatment and valorization of concentrates from wastewater recycling processes (HighCon)

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