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General Chemistry and Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions (ACWL)

General Chemistry and Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions (ACWL)
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chair: Water Chemistry and Water Technology
semester: WS
place: see German page

see German page


Prof. Dr. Harald Horn

sws: 3
lv-no.: 22667


Important Dates

  • For further information please have a look at the German page!



  1. Introduction and systematics
  2. Atomic structure, atoms and molecules
  3. Chemical bonds and states of aggregation
  4. Solvents and concentrations
  5. Equilibrium and kinetics
  6. Redox reactions
  7. Acid-base-systems (example: lime-carbon dioxide equilibrium)
  8. Complexation
  9. Chemistry in interfaces
  10. Life science, mass and energy balances on earth

Please notice: Lecture and lecture notes in German language