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Lecture notes

Information on lecture notes will be given in the related lectures.


Sale of Books for Students

book: „Adsorptionsverfahren zur Wasserreinigung“ 15 Euro*
book: „Nitrat im Grundwasser“ 20 Euro*
volume 60: „Allgemeine Chemie und Chemie in wässrigen Lösungen - Qualitative und quantitative Bestimmungen“. 2014 20 Euro*
volume 44: „Wassertechnologisches und wasserchemisches Praktikum“. 2006 20 Euro*

(*incl. 7% VAT)

available here: S. Heck (build. 40.04, room 007)

Freeware ( free Software from the Web)

Here are a some suggestions on software that can be downloaded for free.

These programs ran very well in our tests and fulfil good services in their domains. Before you start with them please notice our general comment below. And then have fun with it...

  • Open Office - freeware as a replacement for Microsoft Office
  • R-Programming Language - powerful statistic program for examination and presentation of test series, capable of being integrated into LaTeX
  • JabRef - program for managing literature
  • C-Design - Windows program for drawing chemical formulae, diagrams, instruments etc.
  • VisualMinteq - Visual Minteq simulates a chemical equilibrium model for calculating the different forms of metal formation and -solubility in raw water 
  • PHREEQC - program for calculating hydrochemical processes based on a database of thermodynamical data
  • CES EduPack - software for technical and economical properties of materials and associated manufacturing methods

general comment:
Please note: the suggestions on above-mentioned software are not binding. The terms of their licences have to be read and observed. Furthermore we don't extend warranty.

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