Water Treatment

Prof. Dr. Harald Horn

Our research focuses on innovative processes for the treatment of water (drinking water, process water and waste water), in particular the use of membrane processes, advanced oxidation processes (AOP) and biological wastewater treatment. A central aspect of all research projects is process elucidation with methods that allow in-situ analysis. This applies to the elucidation of membrane fouling (organic, biofouling, scaling), the removal of anthropogenic trace substances (e.g. pharmaceutical agents, pesticides) and substance turnover at biological interfaces in biofilm reactors for wastewater treatment.

Images: Membrane treatment facility (left, photo: H. Horn), MBBR - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (middle, photo: Philip von Brincken | Fotograf – PHIL IP X), microscopic image of an aerobic granule (right, photo: F. Brunner)