Treatment of wastewaters from the Power-to-X industry

  • Forschungsthema:The aim of this work is the investigation of technologies such as advanced oxidation processes (AOPs: UV, ozone, hydrogen peroxide) and activated carbon for the treatment of wastewaters from industrial Power-to-X-processes.
  • Typ:Study Project, Bachelor Thesis
  • Datum:immediately, by appointment
  • Betreuung:

    Sophie Oeppling

  • Problem:

    The transition into a decarbonized energy supply system goes in hand with the generation of (green) hydrogen and its downstream (Power-to-X) products from renewable energies. During the production of the favored downstream products, such as methane, liquid fuels or methanol, water is produced as well. Depending on the process and the conditions the composition of the produced wastewater varies. A well-designed wastewater treatment is an essential step to ensure sustainable production. Furthermore, wastewater must be treated to meet disposal regulations or to be re-used in the processes. Likewise, treatment approaches must be adapted to local and external conditions, for example on- or offshore. Depending on the wastewater quality, different treatment technologies may be applied.



    The aim of this work is the investigation of technologies in particular advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) and activated carbon, among others to remove organic constituents in industrial wastewater from Power-to-X -processes. Different process conditions as well as a possible combination of the technologies will be evaluated and tested with regard to removal efficiency, chemical and energy consumption as well as a possible process integration. The work may be submitted in English or German language.