Role of natural organic matter during heavy metals removal from water by using electro-membrane process

  • Typ:Bachelor or Master Thesis or Study Project
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    Dr. Samuel Bunani

Electro-membrane process is a separation process where cations and anions are separated, concentrated and purified from the aqueous solution under the influence an electrical potential gradient as driving force. In this context, heavy metals (HM) are separated as cations or anions depending on their speciation as a result of the water composition. This depends mainly on the aqueous composition including pH, ionic strength, concentration of the water compounds, type of HM, and concentration of the natural organic matter (NOM). The interactions between the components influence the performance of the separation process. In this perspective, the role of NOM on HM separation using ion exchange membrane and the mechanisms involved in the process needs to be investigated.

The main goal of the study is clean water production by using ion exchange materials. The following tasks will be addressed:
1)    A short literature survey on the topic prior to experimental set-up,
2)    Experimental studies of the process operational parameters, 
3)    Point out the separation mechanisms involved in the process, 
4)    Evaluation of product water quality and the interactions between HM, NOM and ion exchange materials.