Simultaneous CO2 capture and production of H2 from water with electro-membrane technologies

  • Typ:Study Project, Bachelor or Master Thesis
  • Datum:immediately, by appointment
  • Betreuung:

    M. Sc. Mehran Aliaskari

    Dr.-Ing. Florencia Saravia

  • Objective:
    Atmospheric CO2 is accumulated in water surfaces as bicarbonate. Using electro-membrane processes, it is possible to produce H2 and O2, while extracting CO2 from water. Both CO2 are H2 are needed for the power-to-fuel (PtX) processes.

    The use of seawater for CO2 capture is investigated intensively. However, using fresh water can raise challenges that has not been investigated thoroughly. Moreover, presence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ increase the chance of scaling in the membrane stack, causing problems in long time operation of the system.

    Investigate use of electro-membrane processes for CO2 extraction and H2 generation. System modification for H2 generation and collection. Measurement and analysis of products (H2 and CO2); as well as ion removal by ion exchange membranes. Investigating the working efficiency of the system at different operating parameters (applied current density, pH, salinity, temperature). Exploring fouling, biofouling and scaling in the membrane stack and providing data for the upscaling of the process.