Understanding the role of organic matter on the occurrence and fate of antibiotics in sewage sludge

  • Typ:Bachelor or Master Thesis or Study Project
  • Datum:Immediately, by appointment
  • Betreuer:

    Dr. Xiao Keke

The presence of organic matter like proteinaceous compounds and humic substances can affect the adsorption and toxicity of antibiotic compounds. The key research question is the validation of the effects of organic matter on the adsorption of antibiotics in sludge.

•    Literature review on the topic
•    Set-up of batch tests for adsorption experiments 
•    Test the binding effects between different organic matter and antibiotic compounds
     o    Use the solid phase extraction method to analyze antibiotics in sludge
     o    Conduct the quenching experiments to calculate the binding mechanism
•    Calibration of relevant analytical tools
•    Critical data evaluation and written elaboration and discussion of the results.

The scope of the assignment can be adapted to a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis or a Study Project as desired.